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March 25, 2009


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i just don't know. boy and girl...girl and's one of the two sets. not boy and boy.


I say a boy and a girl! I think I'm right!


I can't quit picturing two little darling blonde girls with bows in their hair and wearing all those cute clothes you'll be making them! My fingers are crossed for you :)

danielle peterson

I'm saying one of each. I know you want two girls but you can spoil the drap out of just one! How fun would that be? (Just saying that cuz I hoped for 1 girl and now am having two and Peyton is the spoiled brat)either way they will be loved the same!!!


Okay, I am feelin that it is 2 stinkin cute girls! I can't wait to find out so post soon!


I know for sure it is 2 girls!! Love you!

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