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November 12, 2008


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We weren't married too long ago...and I can definitely remember the one that made us laugh the hardest! We opened up a present that was from my mom's VERY stylish reveal a BRIGHT blue wooden flamingo on a stand with matching blue towels!! Everyone's mouths dropped wide open...with a Looooong pause...and then we all burst into the giggles!! It was pretty shocking to the eyes!


Just had to say that the apron is so stinking cute!!! LOVE IT!! My most memorable wedding gift? hmmmm, i think it was Dora handtowels! Yep Dora. Quite interesting I must say!


My most memorable gift was my sweet husband! He's the greatest gift I've ever received.
Pleasant Grove, UT


I'm supposed to remember 12 years ago and something I got!!??? Oh yeah, I got a Martha Stewart cookbook. I looked through a couple of recipes and saw that I needed more than salt and pepper for the spices and took it back to Deseret Book and got a $30 credit. PHEW!! She could make life simple if she would just stick with the simple.


I was so caught up in the memory of the Martha Stewart cookbook that I forgot to say how darn cute the apron and accessories were! Great gift and the recipients will LOVE them!!!

Tiff@Three Peas

My most memorable wedding gift was a Magic Bullet. I love that thing. We make drinks, salsa, pesto, milkshakes, etc. It's such an awesome tool!

Serena Welker

The apron turned out very nice! Love it!! I was married a long, long, long time ago. We received alot of towels and for some reason some baby blankets as well.. Wonder why??


I love how you pulled the whole gift together with the recipes. Very nice touch.
I can't remember hardly any gifts... and it wasn't that long ago. I guess I really like our dining room table. My mom said they would buy it for us since her parents bought my parents one for their wedding. We picked it out and I love it. Though, it's square and we need a bigger one now!

Amanda Hansen

Hmmmm...It's tough to say what my favorite wedding gift was. I guess it would be a toss up between my BMW 650i Convertible and the beach house in San Diego. What can I say? I married well.

But really though...these aprons are amazing. Let's start a business. You make all the cute stuff, Corissa does the photography for the website/ads, and I take care of the marketing. We'll be rich!

Jessica Moore

Most memorable in a good or bad way? Well, i'll just share one of each. For the bad stuff someone (a family member who will remain un-named), gave us the most hideaous set of mugs with chickens on them. I believe there was also a little wooden tree to hang all the ugly mugs on. Obvoiusly a recycled wedding gift.
For the good, one cute little thing that stands out is a basket someone gave us fileed with sundae sauces, tall dessert spoons, and tall sundae glasses. They attached a little note that said, "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!" Just something cute and different.
Love the apron!!!!!!!!!!! You're so stinkin' creative!


I'm late, I know, but the best wedding gift I got was a set of his and her boxing gloves. It was a gag but we pull those gloves out and fight and everytime find ourselves laughing until we're crying-because I look like a drunk flamingo when I get swingin'!

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