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September 05, 2008


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decorate? lol...i rarely decorate for holidays. only christmas because it is Bub's absolute favorite thing EVER! those blocks are really cute though. Also, the whole cheerio thing made me laugh so hard. Ya gotta love little kids. Did he purposefully (is that a real word) stick it up there?

Becky Johnson

Very Cute Lorinda!!! I need some Harvest blocks...I may just have to talk my husband into it!!

Love the cheerio post. Um, I had a girl who stuck both fingers up her nose and just sat there like that every day up on through high school because she said she still had a raisin stuck up there!?!?!? Gross! Boys like to explore all little holes and "whistles" on their bodies!!


I agree, Fall is by far the funnest to decorate for! Probably because it is more my style...vines, twigs, it all! I just heard a hilarious halloween joke to add to your cheary fall mood....
What do you get when you "goose" a ghost?
A handful of sheet!

Amanda Hansen

For the record, I have been telling everyone I see about the "look!!! It's a pooping cow!!!!" story. You have the cutest, funniest kids ever. Thank you so much for giving me an excuse to go to the fair.

And...I LOVE fall. I was just thinking the other day that I need some decorations for my new I see that you can help me out with that you crafty thing you. I'm feeling a girls night coming on.

Also, I am in love with those bags you made. It's kind of an addiction. "They tried to make me go to rehab I said, No! No! No!"

Ok this post is officially to long.

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