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November 20, 2008


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Serena Welker

Very, Very cute! Don't you just love fabric and sewing? I think sewing is such a stress reliever.

Jessica Moore

LOVE IT!!! maybe i'll steal it from her. O.K., so after seeing all these cute things you make i've decided I need to learn to sew. Yesterday at Porter's they had the cutest apron patterns for little girls. So tell me, what's the easiest thing to start with while learning?


Do you have a LINK to this apron?? It is SO cute, I totally want to make one!

Tiff@Three Peas

What a cute pattern! I also want the link!


Wow! I have been searching for this apron!!! I have to wear my regular aprons folded in half and tied under my under-arms so I don't get headaches!! I have been looking for an apron to go over my shoulders that doesn't look like it is from the 1800's! Please send me the link too!

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