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July 29, 2008


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I'm off to the library tomorrow to look for Twilight.


The funnest/best series I have ever read! Although my husband probably wishes they would all just go away so he could have his wife back! haha! I got on and ordered the whole series and it will be here on the 8th...I was wondering if I should do the midnight run to the store cause I am not very patient when I know everybody else is reading Breaking Dawn and I have to wait for my shipment, but decided I needed all the sister was sick of me taking hers! I read them for the second time this summer and it was even better the second time!!

Serena Welker

Ok, so I went ahead a ordered the last 3 books of the series from Amazon. They didn't have the 1st one in harcover so I will get that this weekend. I have officially joined the Twilight readers!!


I'm actually embarrased that I like the Twilight series. I don't like Bella. She bugs me. Jacob is gross. Maybe I just read it because of Edward. Everytime a book comes out, it consumes me. I can't put it down. Luckily for the family, it only lasts a day or two and then I'm back. I was so annoyed at the end of Eclipse, no issues were resolved and I hate unresolved issues. I was thinking about boycotting Breaking Dawn. I have to see how everything ends though. So, I am not standing in line for Breaking Dawn. It's not worth it to me. I'll read it when I get to it. I can't wait for the movie though. So, about The Host. I can't get into it. Please tell me if it gets better.


Is living in Kansas the same as living under a rock? It must be, because I didn't even know about the Twilight series until a few months ago when I heard that my youngest sister was hooked on them. She sent me her copy of Twilight when she was done and I loved it. I just finished New Moon and I am looking forward to reading the other ones. I am going to wait until the kids are in school to finish reading the others so I don't feel so dang guilty spending most of my time reading. Once I start I can't stop!

Becky Johnson

One sentence..."I want Edward". Does that sum it up?????

Serena Welker

Have you finished Breaking Dawn? There are a couple of women in our ward who stayed up for 24 hours to read the entire book. I am still on chapter 2 of Twilight. I am not too impressed yet. But I will keep reading.


Thank you for posting about this series. I went searching for the book after reading your post. I read New Moon in one day, and I'm not a huge reader. (I got the first one from the library).
I don't know if I want to see the movie or not, it would be hard to put all that emotion on the screen. I just started Eclipse and bought the last one. I too am in love with Edward! Are you a Janet Evonovich fan? I think I love Edward more than Ranger!

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