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July 15, 2008


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Becky Johnson

Yeah, I am the first to post. Um, Lorinda you already know that you are the greatest person out there. From the second I met you I knew that we would be friends forever. I remember at that "first" (poor Lorinda,..there happened to be more than one) Super Saturday...I was asked to help and secretly knowing I was um, "craft inhibited" I still accepted because I didn't want people to know the truth. You spent the whole time helping me do my crafts. I think I remember you snuck in your soda too and that made me like ya even more. You truly have always be so genuine and kind to me and I just love you to death and look forward to many more memories together! YAARS...(You are a rock star)


Memories of Lorinda.....hmmmmm...where do I begin? I remember laughing so hard with you many times that my eyes started to water and I just about peed my pants! I remember many times sitting in your blue car with the radio cranked up and singing our hearts desire! Time just flew by when I was with you cause it was so much fun! I remember being in one of our OE classes together, Business English to be exact and I never had a clue what was going on I felt like! But we had a good time making fun of the teachers!! You made a great tutor (roommates have their perks!) Thanks Lorinda for all the memories!


Let me just say "it's almost four..." I think that is my best memory of you. And you know that because i repeat it all the time. Just love it.
But one actual memory that almost popped into my head was when you almost called crazy carl- carl. LOL. Loved that. SO SO much fun. We laughed so hard. Good times.

I love this whole memories thing. it's a great idea. I'll have to go post it on my blog.


I totally forgot about that. I know we were Ricks coeds, but I don't know how righteous we were. Didn't we still toilet paper from the Hart Building by wrapping it around our deoderant after working out? Or was that my 1st year? I do know, it happened though. One of my many memories, a little bit of a less crazier memory, was when we went to Frontier Pies with our moms during Women's Week. Dang, I'm starting to have lots of memories. It would be really fun to get together with all you guys again. We had so much fun. I'm so excited to keep up with you now. Your boys are so cute.


I am so glad I found your blog thanks to Shalean and Andrea. Last time I saw you it was about four years ago in Macy's. I also have a family blog if you want to send me your email address I will invite you to view it. My email is I look forward to staying in touch with you. When I think back to high school/college days I always remember you being so thoughtful. I remember having sleepovers at your house and practicing our drill team dances and of course working at Broulims together...good ol' Jolene. She was quite the mopper.

Janelle McGinty

Oh lorinda. My memory of you is how at work me you and my sista would come up with awesome names for people who worked inthe building. Crazy Carl, Batman and Big Willy! HAHA! Good times. Also we have had some fun crafts nights in the past. You definately are someone who can throw out crafting ideas like its no big deal! Your are awesome!

Serena Welker

I am very sad you think I am so stupid..(JK) I don't live in Idaho. The first thought that came to mind was when you came to visit in Germany and we were comparing feet and we died laughing at how long Clint's toes are. They are as long as my fingers. Love you tons!! One of my worst memories is when the picnic table fell on you. I don't even remember how old you were be we were glad you were okay.

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